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The Corrs: All the Way Home (Rob O'Connor & Ciarán Tanham, 2005)

At home, mostly while on the mag trainer and the rest afterwards.

I've been a huge Corrs fan for a long time now and was excited by the idea that someone was finally making a full-length documentary on them.

Well, reviewing this doc seems a little odd but I figure I ought to since it was after all a full-length documentary. If I were to automatically treat it any differently right off-the-bat then that right there would go against everything I railed against in my Mission to Mars review about making judgments without giving each film a fair shake.

Having said that, their really isn't anything at all to say about this piece. Apart from showing a bit of rare and unseen footage from when The Corrs were young kids there really isn't all that much meat to this doc despite its length. The film has no real angle to speak of, it's essentially just a surface scratching biography pieced together with various music videos and performances by The Corrs intercut with what seems to be a single new interview with all the various members. If it was made for fans (like me) then I think it fails to really expose anything new or compelling, and if it was meant for the general public well then, I can't imagine they'd be anymore interested since there's really nothing sensational about The Corrs rise to fame, relative to any other performer that is.

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